BMX-treme BMX Club©

NCY is the home of BMX-treme BMX Club©, the first club of the Olympic Legacy project.

Positive Activities

NCY has a long history of delivering quality activities for young people. Successfully working collaboratively with other third and public sector organisations, since the charity being established. Fun days, outings, residential, extended schools provision, summer programmes, sports coaching and youth work provision has been delivered.

Schools Prevention Of Offending and Mentoring Services [SPOOMS]© In 2002, prior the introduction of Safer Schools NCY worked with local primary and secondary schools providing a dedicated service to divert school age children and young people from becoming excluded and from offending, as well as providing a mentoring service. By providing specific one to one support, peer trainers training, encourage participation as well as planning and setting up extracurricular activities both in and out of school, promoting ‘positive citizenship’ and empowering children and young people to access relevant services.

Bridges© The Bridges programme was devised to provide specific and targeted cultural and recreational activities for Young People, aged between 8-18 at risk of offending or committing anti-social behaviour, also victims of crime. Breakfast and after school’s clubs, fun days, away days and summer programmes were delivered to alienated and excluded children and young people across five community forum areas.

BMX-treme BMX Club© ..delivering weekly coaching sessions, riders get the chance to compete in regional races

NCY is the home of BMX-treme BMX Club©, the first club of the Olympic Legacy project. The Club began with volunteers delivering coaching sessions at the 2010 Bike Jam with a British Cycling Coach. The club is affiliated with the British Cycling Federation and Bike Club. As well as delivering weekly coaching sessions riders are able to compete in regional races. The club trained and managed Newham’s London Youth Games BMX Team and delivered coaching sessions during the Mayor’s Show. The Club coaches deliver sessions in clubs, schools and outdoor events. During the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic live screenings in Stratford and Central Parks Club Coaches delivered BMX taster sessions.

Within Newham NCY has provided Youth Work activities have been undertaken in venues like 548 Barking Road, Essex Lodge, Newmartin, Green Gate and Upton Centres. Due to the reputation of high standards of delivery NCY was invited to deliver youth work sessions in Tower Hamlets.

SafeZone© of the youth club sessions hosting a healthy dose of 5-aside football

SafeZone© are youth club session that are delivered from NCY’s main building, but also in residency at other venues around Newham. Providing a place of safety where young people and undertake activities that promote healthy lifestyle, develop personal, social, life and employability skills as well as deterring crime and anti-social behaviour. The project has been independently evaluated by Islington Council. NCY delivers late-night weekend provision in Tower Hamlets in areas where gang violence is prevalent. During all youth work session’s young people are encouraged to develop activities that are undertaken, be involved in local service consultations, undertake positive activities with groups of people they wouldn’t normally interact with and fundraise for the activities they are involved with.

Bam-Bams© is a monthly support group set-up after successive Skills for Young Parents courses. Young people organise activities and professionals from education, health and other statutory services support the young people. Young people also successfully apply for funding for activities, such as driving lessons and keep fit.

If you would like NCY to deliver activities in your area, contact us to discuss your needs.

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