Preparing children and young
people for independent living
in a nurturing environment.

Supported Housing

Since 1994, NCY Launch Pad has provided a safe and supported housing scheme for young people aged between 16-18 years old that are leaving care. Launch Pad is based in our semi-independent living unit in Beckton, east London.

Launch Pad supports young people during the transitional period between leaving care and living independently. We can look after young people for up to two years. Each young person referred to Launch Pad is given their own lockable bedroom and each flat has a shared bathroom, kitchen and lounge areas. Our holistic support focuses on developing the skills of young people so they are ready to live independently. At the end of the tenancy our support will have helped young people by enabling them to:

  • Cope with the emotional responsibilities of living independently.
  • Consider their well-being, understanding cooking and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Recognise the importance of keeping a home.
  • Know how to access health provisions and look after themselves.
  • Understand money management such as shopping on a budget and paying bills.
  • Consider staying in further education or completing training courses.
  • Understand their employment options and being self-sufficient.
  • Know where to access a range of support services when they live independently.
  • Achieve NOCN accreditation in Developing Independent Skills.

Launch Pad provides a caring and nurturing environment, where care leavers can feel safe to develop their skills during their transition to adulthood. In consultation with our young people and staff we tailor our holistic care package to meet a young person’s individual needs. Here’s what two Launch Pad residents had to say.

"Launch Pad has given me the confidence, the reality of life and the strength to just be me…"

“My name is Mawava. I am 17 years old. When I first came to Launch Pad I was really scared and I was like… how am I going to do this? Where do I start? How do I begin? Being at Launch Pad has given me the confidence, the reality of life and the strength to just be me…teaching me how to be myself. Launch Pad has helped me a lot. I mean I have achieved so much just living at Launch Pad and it’s great place and I love living at Launch Pad and I’m going to miss it when I leave.”

"NCY played a vital role in my past, which makes the present, and the present determines the future..."

“I’m Yanik. NCY played a vital role in my past. The past makes the present and the present determines the future… The skills I learnt and enhanced while at Launch Pad helped me maintain both myself and home. The connections I made with NCY are still supporting me in my journey of life and career. This is not often the case as lots of young people leave foster homes and never get any contact afterwards. Hotep (Peace).”

With such positive feedback from residents, just think what Launch Pad can do for young people in your area?

...If you have Adobe Reader installed you can read our Launch Pad Report regarding our supported housing scheme for young people.

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