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New Choices For Youth in Newham East London

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Welcome to New Choices For Youth - NCY

New Choices for Youth (NCY) has over 25 years experience working with children and young people in crises or transition. NCY's core business has been working with young people involved in or at risk of being involved in the Criminal Justice System. The charity continues to respond to the changing needs of children and young people, local crime prevention initiatives and government legislation, by developing programmes for young people at risk of being an offender, or at risk of harm by those involved in criminal behaviour.

New Choices for Youth has a track record of providing quality projects in the London Borough of Newham, neighbouring East London Boroughs and further afield.

NCY's Latest Blog Excerpts

Citi volunteers provide TLC


HUGE THANK YOU! To the volunteers from Citi Bank that breathed fresh life into an abandoned Youth Centre. NCY has been give stewardship of the building initially for storage of Newham BMX Club bikes. After meeting the estate manager NCY will be delivering pop-up youth work activities, because there has been no provision in this area for young people since the centre closed in 2013. ‘Young people on the estate are crying out for something constructive to do.’ The clearance of break-in damage, accumulated grime and abandoned broken equipment by the Citi volunteers means now there are a range of spaces where various activities now can be delivered.



Monday 26th October 2015 is a BIG DAY for Gooseley Playing Fields. BMX FUN DAY is a joint celebration of the BMX track’s completed refurbishment and the local community BMX Club’s 5th birthday. Kristian Bridge BMX-treme’s head coach who has been volunteering with club since being establishing 2010 said “We’ll be running sessions ALL DAY, we’ll be coaching from 10am to 1pm as part of the half-term BMX Academy then carrying on through to 4pm on and off track. Come down to Gooseley Playing Fields we have the coaches, bikes and safety equipment ALL FOR FREE!”

National Old Person’s Day Programme



Sunday 25th October saw the conclusion of Newham’s National Old Person’s Day Programme at Hamara Ghar, where elderly volunteers from across Green Street East & West and Boleyn were recognised by Councillor’s Obaid Khan and Jose Alexander. New Choices for Youth, youth club ‘SafeZone’ donated cinema equipment, so elderly woman’s, Katherine Road 50+, coram group members and local residents could enjoy the cult movie Sholay. There was also popcorn & pizza served by volunteers.


BBQ 2015On behalf of Cheryl (Chair of trustees) and Marcia (CEO) of NCY . . . Thanks to everyone for making NCY’s 30th birthday a truly memorable event and we look forward to seeing you at future celebrations.

It was nice sharing such a lovely evening with young people and staff from past and present, as well as supporters and partners from Newham and other London boroughs throughout the years.

We would also like to thank Vanessa for her solo and duet performances, as well as the young representatives from each project, the staff and volunteers that supported us in the planning, preparation and making this event the best it could be.


Final Where Are You Know?



As part of the thirtieth birthday celebrations of NCY we have been posting images of days-gone-by.  If you appear in them or know someone please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Staff have been digitizing archive of photos, so if you want to trace old pictures with you in them contact the office.


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