Skills for Young Parents©

Designed to enable young parents to understand their baby’s needs, to develop their skills and confidence in looking after their babies and improve their parenting skills as their baby grows up

Accredited Training

Delivering alternative qualifications for children and young people.

New Choices for Youth is a recognised NOCN Approved Centre, an Arts Council Arts Award Centre and an AQA Registered Centre. NCY has a proven track-record for devising and delivering quality accredited programmes, with a team of appropriately qualified trainers.

On the 1st of November 1994 NCY launched a representation at the police station scheme. The Appropriate Adult Service was the first in the United Kingdom to provide Open College Network [OCN] accredited volunteers trained in The Role Of The Appropriate Adult©. Knowledge of delivering quality training to equip staff of how best to support the welfare of young people in the custody environment was shared with Barking & Dagenham, Cornwall, Manchester City and Westminster Councils as well as the National Appropriate Adult Network.

Peer Education Group [PEG] Racial Harassment© was promoted during the first Philip Lawrence awards in 1997. This accredited programme focuses on valuing diversity, self-worth, addressing breaking the cycle of racial abuse and discrimination. The course brings together people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, improving community relations and reduce conflicts arising from cultural divides through a range of activities. The course provides a forum for young people to support each other as peer educators. NCY also introduced a programme that was accessible to younger age groups, Training to Recognise and Understand Cultural Equality [TRUCE©] is also an accredited programme that can be delivered over a variety of child and youth environments. Both programmes have been externally evaluated and delivered in schools and youth centres in Haringey, Newham and Tower Hamlets.

"improving community relations and reducing conflicts arising from cultural divides"

Skills for Young Parents© course extends the skills of those who are expecting a child, or who have recently had a child. Providing a gentle introduction back into education and support them with a potential route back into mainstream education. The course has been designed to enable the young people to understand their baby’s needs, to develop their skills and confidence in looking after their babies and improve their parenting skills as their baby grows up. This project has been independently evaluated by Redbridge Young People’s Project and Middlesex University. This course is also supported by health professionals to address local NHS health priorities.

"providing an opportunity for young parents to meet with their peers and decrease isolation levels”

...If you have Adobe Reader installed you can read Middlesex University's Report into our Skills for Young Parents© Project

Developing Employability Skills© this accredited course builds confidence and self-esteem, so that young people are empowered to apply for, secure and maintain meaningful employment. Developing transferable skills required for effective performance across a range of contexts. Encourage the development of values and interpersonal skills that contribute to success in the work place, as well as development of reflective skills, self-awareness and recognition of importance of lifelong learning.

Developing Independent Skills© is a course that provides young people who are likely to struggle engaging in mainstream education, with an opportunity to gain accreditation for the skills they develop whilst living in a semi-independent residential environment. Providing young people (and their social workers) with a structured way of presenting and evidencing the skills they have been developing, whilst in transition between care and independent living. The course also re-introduces the young people into completing written work for an accreditation, improving their self-confidence and enabling them to make the step back into mainstream education or employment.

Rites of Passage© is a multi-layered accredited course that incorporates activities with young people, parents and carers. Providing mentoring support for young people, whilst also working in partnership with local health, education, community safety and social services professionals. This gang prevention programme targets young people in transition and at risk of peer lead criminality and anti-social behaviour.

"To know the road ahead, ask those who are coming back.."
- Chinese proverb

Introduction to Mentoring Young People© is an accredited course that trains people in being an effective mentor for young people so they can provide relevant support to young people experiencing issues resulting from urban deprivation. For example, experiencing difficult transitions within their families, numeracy/literacy or criminal justice issues. NCY Mentors continue to support a number of the charity’s projects since the Youth Justice Board funded numeracy and literacy mentoring project in 2002.

ESOL for Work©, is designed to meet the immediate English language acquisition needs of learners who are in are intending to work/study in this country. These young people will have some literacy, including the ability to read and write in their own language(s). This offers opportunities for the rapid acquisition for English for work through flexible (short) course programmes that can target the immediate work related needs for candidates. Successful young people can then progress onto Preparation for Working Life©, this qualification is designed to enable learners to understand themselves and their capabilities to identify career opportunities. Enabling them to investigate employment opportunities through their studies and understand the changing world of work to enable them to make informed decisions and choices. Focusing on learning about work and understand the context of their own role as employee and citizen, so to develop their own career plans.

Mental Health 1st Aid is an internationally recognised training programme designed specifically for those people that teach, work, live with or care for young people aged 11-18. The training provides information, tools and techniques to promote a young person's mental and emotional wellbeing and to enable participants to support a young person who might be experiencing mental and emotional distress. NCY has a qualified trainer to deliver this course. Developing a Mental Health and Well Being Project© This course aims to equip young people with the basic knowledge, understanding and skills to develop and implement their own project to promote or support mental health and well-being amongst their peers. By the end of the course young people are able to confidently explain and describe what mental health and well-being is. They will have experience of planning and delivering a small project designed to improve knowledge or experience of mental well-being and to develop skills that they can transfer to other aspects of their personal development or careers.

NCY also develops and delivers a broad range of short accredited courses that are accessible to children and young people of all ages and tailored to a variety of environments. Courses addressing the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of children and young people. If you would like NCY to work with your organisation to deliver training, contact us for a proposal and quote.

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