Promoting the physical, mental and emotional development of children and young people.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Promoting the physical, mental and emotional development of children and young people.

In February 2010 NCY hosted the Mind’s Eye Conference, this event aimed to be a learning event that identified best practice approaches and strategies. It sought to provide delegates with an opportunity to explore and develop positive strategies to support the emotional well-being of young black men. It included presentations from policy makers and practitioners, which outlined key issues and themes that need to be addressed to enhance the well-being of young Black men in Newham, including evidenced examples of how to actively develop services, practice, networks and partnerships. This was the first project undertaken by NCY regarding mental and emotional wellbeing of young people.

Youth involvement can play a key role in challenging stigma, understanding experience and creating more effective services.

In 2009 NCY was commissioned to be the lead organisation for Right Here, a five year project which aims to radically change the way mental health is viewed and delivered to BAME young people across the UK. The Newham Right Here Project is a group of young people from the London Borough of Newham, aged between 16-25.

Mental Health issues that affect young people locally is a gradual process.

We aim to tackle the stigma associated with Mental Health, and want to promote positive Mental Health and well-being.

Historically the BAME communities are disproportionately the highest service users of mental health services. We only access services when we are in crisis. If anger management and depression are all mental health conditions then most of us will know someone that could use some help.

More work needs to be done to help young people and their families develop trust and learn to listen without judgment

The project empowers young people to make a change and difference for other young people around their mental health by trying to break down the stigma and giving them better information.

Newvic Wellbeing Champions decided they wanted to learn about Mental Health and Well being through drama. Those pieces have been used as workshop starters for peers and service providers. Young people will talk about solutions to the problems they face and continually look for and implement mechanisms to aid their health and wellbeing. They have looked at the barriers surrounding such issues and through drama and the spoken word devise solutions to those barriers.

The Be Well project will use non-contact boxing sessions to double up as soft counselling/ information sessions for our 16 – 24 year olds. Weekly sessions/group activities and hold regular talk sessions as an opportunity to offer continuous emotional support to our participants. By paying special attention to the impact of violence in our communities’ The project will be delivered throughout the year. These young people have also attended other events hosted by Right Here Newham.

In January 2012, Right Here Newham facilitated an evening of entertainment and discussion at Stratford Circus. The event saw over 100 young people and local policy makers lay out priorities for mental health service delivery in the Borough. Discussions were prompted by drama and musical performances, with small groups exploring key themes of violence and isolation. Recommendations from the event are being taken forward by the Right Here Youth Panel and local services, and will form the basis of the project’s influencing strategy in 2012 – 13. ....

...If you have Adobe Reader installed you can read the Mindful Event Report from that evening

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